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El Programa Científico incluye cinco sesiones principales: Epidemiología, Vacunas e Intervenciones Terapéuticas, Patogenia e Inmunología, Virología y Diagnóstico.

La Reunión GFRA 2021 tendrá una duración de tres días y cada día incluirá dos conferencias plenarias (~ 20 minutos) y una charla de oradores invitados (~ 15 minutos) antes de las presentaciones orales de los resúmenes seleccionados (~ 10 minutos). Las charlas incluirán contribuciones generales o trabajos publicados recientemente sobre temas de fiebre aftosa. La representación geográfica y el equilibrio de género se han considerado en la elección final de los oradores seleccionados.

La sesión de apertura se centrará en la situación de la fiebre aftosa en América Latina para darle a la reunión un sello regional y abordar la situación de la fiebre aftosa en todo el mundo, y cómo la experiencia en el manejo de los brotes de fiebre aftosa se compara con la de la pandemia actual de COVID-19.

Opening Ceremony
Opening session
Manuel Sánchez-Vázquez (PAHO)

Recent evolution and perspectives of foot-and-mouth disease situation in South America

Roberto Navarro-López (SENASICA, Mexico)

Surveillance system for vesicular diseases in Mexico

Sabrina Galdo-Novo (SENASA, Argentina)

Current FMD regional situation, ongoing projects and challenges within the FMD OIE reference laboratory at DGLYCT, SENASA Argentina

Keith Sumption (FAO)

Parallels, differences and lessons: a comparison of the management of foot-and-mouth disease and COVID-19 using UK 2001/2020

Coffee Break
10.00 | Keynote lecture
Alejandra Capozzo (INTA-CONICET, Argentina)

Serological assessment of anti-FMDV antibodies: quantity, quality, and the differences between species

OS1 - Diagnostics I

INTRODUCTION: N. Singanallur; Y. Li

Invited Speaker
Charles Nfon (Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada)

What if all you have for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus detection is frozen meat?

10.50 | Selected abstracts
Natasha Edwards (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Towards the development of a hand-held RT-LAMP point-of-need assay for the detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Cindy Bernelin-Cottet (Université Paris-Est, France)

Development and validation of a one-step triplex real-time RT-PCR assay for the diagnosis of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus

Emma Brown (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Characterising Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in clinical samples using Nanopore sequencing

Coffee Break (Gathertown)
12.00 | Keynote lecture
Bryan Charleston (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Commercial development of a FMDV VLP vaccine

OS2 - Vaccines & TI I

INTRODUCTION : D. Mackay; P. Opperman

Invited Speaker
Fayna Díaz - San Segundo (ARS, USA)

Use of codon deoptimization to derive live attenuated FMDV strains

12.50 | Selected abstracts
Micaela Ziraldo (Centro de Virología Animal, Argentina)

Characterisation and efficacy assessment of an adenovirus-based vaccine candidate which delivers the expression of FMDV O1/Campos/Brazil/58 virus-like particles

Michael Puckette (USDA, USA)

Transiently transfected mammalian cell cultures provide an adaptable and effective virus-like particle vaccine platform for Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Cristian Malnero (Biogénesis Bagó S.A., Argentina)

Maternally derived antibodies do not interfere with immune response induced in piglets after the administration of Bioaftogen trivalent vaccine

Poster exhibition (Gathertown)
08.00 | Keynote lecture
Hai Xue Zheng (LVRI, China)

Innate immune evasion by foot-and-mouth disease virus infection

OS3 - Virology

INTRODUCTION: T. de los Santos; E. Rieder

Invited speaker
Gisselle Medina (NBAF-USDA/PIADC-ARS, USA)

Understanding the attenuation of FMDV codon-pair deoptimized virus

08.50 | Selected abstracts
Ian Fish (USDA, USA)

Frequent inter-serotypic recombination of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus during subclinical coinfection with serotype O and A viruses

Margarita Sáiz Zalabardo (CBM, Spain)

Relevance of the interplay between FMDV and MDA5 for sensing infection and impairment of the host antiviral response

Lidia Dykes (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Mutagenesis mapping of RNA structures within the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus genome reveals functional elements localized in the polymerase (3Dpol)-encoding region

Caroline Wright (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

RNA secondary structure in the Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus genome shields the virus from sensing by ZAP

09.50 | Coffee Break (Gathertown)
OS4 - Epidemiology I

INTRODUCTION: C. Potzsch; K. VanderWaal

Invited speaker
Livio Heath (OVR-ARC, South Africa)

An overview of recent FMD outbreaks in South Africa

10.30 | Selected abstracts
Nicolas Cardenas (North Carolina State University, USA)

Foot-and-Mouth Disease modeling in Brazil: the impact of a potential outbreak and control measures

María Victoria Iriarte Barbosa (Wageningen University Research/Universidad de la República, Netherlands/Uruguay)

Main factors associated with FMDV introduction and infection spread during the high risk period of the 2001 FMD epidemic in Uruguay

Umanga Gunasekara (University of Minnesota, USA)

Use of slaughterhouses as sentinel points for genomic surveillance of subclinical Foot-and-Mouth Disease viruses in Vietnam

Samia Metwally (FAO)

Towards the secured elimination of Foot-and-Mouth Disease serotype C

11.30 | Coffee Break (Gathertown)
11.50 | Keynote lecture
Jonathan Arzt (PIADC-ARS, USDA, USA)

The End of an Era; Half a Century of FMD Pathogenesis Studies at Plum Island

OS5 - Pathogenesis & Immunology I

INTRODUCTION: C. Stenfeldt; M. Sáiz

Invited Speaker
Zhidong Zhang (Southwest Minzu Univ., China)

Stimulator of IFN genes is required for Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus inducing autophagy

12.40 | Selected abstracts
Soumendu Chakravarti (The Pirbright Institute, UK; ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, India)

Foot-and-mouth disease virus non-structural protein 3A modulates cellular innate immune responses to influence host tropism

Michael Eschbaumer (FLI, Germany)

Infectivity of full-length genomic RNA of FMDV in cattle

James Zhu (USDA-ARS, FADRU, PIADC, Orient, New York, USA)

Mechanisms of Establishment of FMDV Persistent Infection Inferred from Differential Tissue Gene Expression during Transitional phase from Acute to Persistent Infection

Poster exhibition (Gathertown)
08.00 | Keynote lecture
Francois Maree (Clinglobal, Mauritius)

Transmission of SAT2 foot-and-mouth disease viruses at the wildlife-livestock interface in southern Africa

OS 6 - Epidemiology II


Invited Speaker
Anna Munsey (CDC, USA)

Phylogeographic analyses of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus serotype O dispersal and associated drivers in East Africa

08.50 | Selected abstracts
Syed Jamal (University of Malakand, Pakistan)

Phylogeographic analyses of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus serotype O dispersal and associated drivers in East Africa

Laura Camila Lozano Calderon ( IABIMO, Argentina)

Evolution analysis and phylogeographic reconstruction of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Mar Chiquita - Argentina

Hyeonjeong Kang (Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, Republic of Korea)

Identification of FMDV genotype circulating in Southeast Asia between 2017 and 2019

Coffee Break
OS7 - Pathogenesis & Immunology II
Invited Speaker
Mariano Pérez Filgueira (IVIT, Argentina )

Vaccine-induced immune mechanisms underlying cross-protection

10.20 | Selected abstracts
Lucy Gordon (University of Edinburgh; The Pirbright Institute, UK)

Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus localisation on follicular dendritic cells and sustained induction of neutralising antibodies is dependent on binding to complement receptors (CR2/CR1)

Carolina Stenfeldt (Kansas State University; USDA-ARS, USA)

Simultaneous and staggered Foot-and-Mouth Disease coinfection of cattle

Ruben Marrero Diaz de Villegas (IABIMO, Argentina)

Functional characterization and molecular modeling of Site A specific IgG and IgM neutralizing antibodies

OS8 - Diagnostics II

INTRODUCTION: M. Eschbaumer; P. Eblé

Selected abstracts
Petrus Jansen van Vuren (CSIRO, Australia)

Safe transport of epithelium samples infected with Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus

Joaquin Bozzo (Centro de Virología Animal, Argentina)

Feasibility studies of camelid-derived single domain antibodies (VHH or nanobodies) as capture antibodies in a liquid phase blocking ELISA to detect antibodies elicited after FMDV vaccination

Coffee Break

OS9 - Vaccines & TI II

INTRODUCTION: S. Parida; F. Sobrino

Invited Speaker
Catalina Esther Avendaño Valenzuela (Facultad Ciencias Agropecuarias, UDCA, Colombia)

Chemically-synthesized peptides as vaccine candidates against foot-and-mouth disease

12.25 | Selected abstracts
Cecilia Caldevilla (Biogénesis Bagó, Argentina)

Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines containing O1 Campos, A24 Cruzeiro, A2001 Argentina: high antigenic relatedness and cross-protection upon challenge with A/ASIA/SEA/97 and O/ME-SA/IND2001-E lineages

David Mackay(EuFMD)

The role of testing in pre-qualification of vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease

Julian Seago (The Pirbright Institute, UK)

The selection of naturally stable candidate Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus vaccine strains for East Africa

Jeffrey Hammond

Targeted FMD vaccines for Eastern Africa: the AgResults Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Challenge Project: Progress

13.25 | Closing Session

Cyril Gay (USDA, USA)
Tobias Tuthill (The Pirbright Institute, UK)
Frank Mwiine (Makerere University, Uganda)
Andrés Pérez (University of Minnesota, USA)
Alejandra Capozzo (INTA, Argentina)
Bouda Vosough Ahmadi (EuFMD)

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