Scientific Meeting of the
Global Foot-and-Mouth Disease Research Alliance
1 - 3 November 2021 | Buenos Aires, Argentina


This meeting brings together researchers from all over the world working on foot-and-mouth disease.

Thank you for making GFRA 2021 a great virtual event!
The conference platform will still be open for one month for you to access the material on-demand.
E-posters are already available and the recorded material will be edited and uploaded to the platform shortly.
This is an excellent opportunity to re-edit GFRA 2021!

Welcome to GFRA 2021 Scientific meeting!
The GFRA holds regular scientific meetings to advance its goals and objectives. These meetings are one of the GFRA strategic goals, focused on sharing knowledge and expanding FMD research collaborations worldwide. GFRA 2021 is the 7th GFRA meeting and will be held virtually 1-3rd November 2021.
The GFRA conference is unique because it is focused on FMD research and is designed to bring together researchers from all over the world, industry and government, and provide attendees with an update and overview of new information in basic and applied FMD research. This meeting includes five main topics on FMD research: Epidemiology, Vaccines and Therapeutic Interventions, Pathogenesis and Immunology, Virology, and Diagnostics.
Epidemiology and the development of novel methods to diagnose and control FMD are of particular interest in the current global agriculture economy, Immunology research provides a crucial knowledge base for generating new therapies, disease management, and vaccination approaches; while deeper knowledge of the virus and its interaction with the host is always needed to better understand the disease.
Please feel invited to read the welcome message of GFRA 2021, or to visit the page introducing GFRA 2021 committee members.

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